Dorico Freezing After Save

Hi all. I’ve searched the forum and can’t find an answer to this specific issue. When I save, I get the beach ball of doom (on Mac) and Dorico freezes for 20-30 seconds. It doesn’t occur every time, but it’s quite often and very frustrating. Any idea what causes this? Diagnostics attached. Version Thanks!

Dorico (2.9 MB)

Are you using large audio samples? Dorico saves the state of all the VSTs in the project file. So, if you’re using BBCSO etc, you can expect saving to take a bit of time.

But I’m sure one of the team will take a look and see if anything is going wrong.

Hi @jrun , thanks for the data.
At very first sight, I could not find anything suspicious, yet.
Could you please do again, I mean work with a project and then, when the saving takes such a long time, wait until it is finished and then create a new diagnostics report? That would help me a lot, because going through endless log files is not fun. Thank your very much

Is your project very large in scope? If so, part of the delay could be due to Dorico saving the PDF preview used by Quick Look on macOS. Whichever layout you’re looking at will be exported as a preview, so if you’re looking at the full score layout, and it has hundreds of pages, that could account for some of the delay. You can try disabling this in File > Project Info. Scroll down to the bottom of the dialog when you have Project selected on the left-hand side.