Dorico freezing on Macbook

I’m a new Dorico user and it works OK but if I leave the Macbook Pro [running Mojave] for a period of time or put it to sleep, when it comes back Dorico is frozen with the beachball and I have to force quit and restart.

Any clues?

Also, how do you generate a rerport after such a crash, to send to Steinberg?

When that happens, please open Activity Monitor and click the cog wheel icon at the top, then choose ‘Create spin dump’ and follow the on-screen instructions.
Additionally, when you restart Dorico, choose from the menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ .
The spindump and diagnostics please attach to a reply here. Thanks

Oh! Thank you. This happens on my Macbook from time to time. btw.

Thank you Ulf. Here are the reports you suggested.

I hope this helps to determine why Dorico Elements keeps freezing.

(Attachment Spindump 4:19:21.txt is missing)

Dorico (440 KB)

The diagnostics don’t contain any crash files, so that suggests that the audio does not crash. So the spindump file is needed, but it did get refused as attachment. Could you please zip it up and attach again? Thanks