Dorico freezing regularly when moving players between groups

Starting a fresh dorico document with no data entered, just at the setup window and creating my score. When I go to move an instrument from one player group to another (for example moving clarinets from one group to another). This happens regularly without fail. I created a 2nd new document and the same problem happens.

I can create 2 groups and move instruments between them without issue, but after creating a third group the program crashes when I try to move players into it. Usually the program freezes eternally, once it crashed and I saved the apple crash report in a text file if you’re interested. Any thoughts?

-Dan Brown

Yes, please zip up the crash report and attach it here. If you could also attach a project (again, zipped up) that reproduces the problem on your computer, together with details of the specific operation you try that causes the program to hang, we’ll take a look.


  1. Add flutes, bundle them into a group.
  2. Add oboes, bundle them into a group.
  3. Add clarinets, create a new group, try to drag them into the group and the program crashes.

Now this method involves creating groups first, then creating instruments and dragging them into the groups, but I’ve found that if I create all the instruments first and then group them, no dragging of players, there’s no problem. Which does seem to be how you intended groups to be made, after the fact, so maybe trying to make groups first and dragging instruments into them is what causes the issue.
apple crash (22.8 KB)
HP3 7M3_dorico (928 KB)

Hi Dan, I’m glad there is the workaround of creating the instruments/Players first and then grouping them, but it definitely should be possible to use the procedure that you tried originally as well. Thank you for the steps, score, and crash log; we’ll get onto this and find out what’s going awry. Bill

This 6 year old problem seems to still exist. I had a couple of crashes when trying to group players. I searched but did not find anything after 2016,

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. If you can reproduce the problem with a particular project, please attach that here too.

I’ll email it. Before crashing the create group button did not act, I had to do it from the dropdowns up. After a couple of crashes I did one thing at a time saving each time and then it worked, the button too. I think this is the autosaved version and the diagnostics for that but I’m not sure. This was the first time I had used the NotePerformer (SO) Playback Template if that can have mattered