Dorico *frequent* crashes

I do not know exactly how this is interacting for everyone else, but ever since I upgraded to Dorico Pro 4 from 3.5, the program crashes quite frequently. I’ve determined the causes of some of these crash issues, but it makes my workflow really slow. I don’t know if this is a computer error or a Dorico error however. I’ve noticed it likes to crash when I do some of these things:

  1. Change modes (Play, Engrave, Write, etc.) rapidly (within 2-5 seconds of switching).
  2. Sit in Setup for a while, the switch to Write and click on a stave
  3. Randomly after I save sometimes.

There’s seemingly no real reason to why it’s crashing but its quite frustrating! Can I get some help? Thank you!

That’s certainly not a usual experience – so the good news is, it’s probably caused by something on your computer that you can fix.

First thing is to Create a Diagnostic Report, from the Help menu, after a crash (and relaunch of the app), and submit it here.

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I can back up @benwiggy here; I can count on one hand the number of times Dorico has crashed on me in the last two years, so something seems amiss on your system.

Hey @benwiggy, here are my diagnostics.
Dorico (1.4 MB)

Hi @J.A.Pinzon , thanks for the diagnostics report. Contained are several crash dumps from Dorico as well as from the audio engine. Tomorrow morning we’ll take a closer look and come back as soon as possible.

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Thanks a million @Ulf !

Hello @J.A.Pinzon , I’ve been just looking at the audio engine crashes, since I’m the expert on that end, but to be honest, this is going to become a difficult issue. The crashes happen in the MIDI thread and we never have seen this sort of crash before.
Since you don’t have a recipe to reproduce this issue, it will become very tough tracking it down.
It would be good if you could keep the Activity Monitor open while you are working with Dorico and always take a glimps if the VSTAudioEngine process is still running. I hope by that we can find out the condition on when and why it is crashing.
In regards to the Dorico crashes, someone from the London team will have a look soon.

I’ve taken a look at the Dorico crash dumps, and as I expected, unfortunately they show the crash that a number of Mac users are experiencing when switching modes in the Dorico project window. At the present time we have as yet been unable to reproduce this problem in-house, which means that so far we have been unable to fix it. The crash logs themselves unfortunately don’t provide us with enough of a smoking gun for us to be able to identify the problem.

@dspreadbury @Ulf Oh dear. Well, thank you for the assistance!