Dorico from a remote computer

Hello all, can you tell me if Dorico works from a remote computer?
If I connect a remote desktop as described in this article via RDP, can I open Dorico?
Who has tried it, can you please tell me if it is possible?

Yes, you can run Dorico over Remote Desktop, but you may well encounter problems with audio support. Depending on the specific configuration of the host computer you may or may not have access to audio.

If you set Dorico to use the Generic Low Latency device, rather than a native ASIO driver, then the sound should be played through Remote Desktop. You won’t be able to use MIDI devices, and I don’t think you’ll be able to use the video features, but basic score editing and playback should be ok.

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The options dialog in the Remote Desktop Client ( at least the latest versions) allows you to map local USB devices to the remote machine. I haven’t tried it yet for an audio interface, but as long as it is a standard USB device it should work as if it would locally.

This might also allow for keyboards or other devices connected via USB to be seen on the remote machine. The still open question is, how good is the quality of this remote USB connection and what consequences it has on the usage.

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Remote MIDI over a network might be possible if you install something like rtpMIDI. No problem in a wired LAN. Over internet connections expect possible latency delays.

It’s also possible to stream the audio independently with something like ASIOPro or JACK. ASIOLink is pretty easy to set up and get streaming. Again, this sort of streaming should be fine on a wired LAN. Exepect a good bit of latency over the internet, and of course the remote will need to be hosted over broadband with enough output bandwidth for the job.

It’d also be possible to use ASIOLink Pro to route output from Dorico into something like a shoutcast streaming app.

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