Dorico froze after removing tuplet brackets

Hello forum. I am very new to Dorico and am really enjoying using it but I had an issue last night that I was curious about. I have a simple orchestra arrangement for a concerto and I was removing brackets from tuplets in a harp part and upon saving Dorico froze and I had to force quit. I am including a diagnostic report incase it helps. This is what I was doing when it happened…

  • I started removing tuplet brackets while in the harp part
  • I switched to the orchestra score and finished up removing brackets
  • I saved, Dorico froze and I had to force quit
  • Restarted Dorico and it froze while loading audio engine, had to force quit
  • Restarted laptop (Mac), restarted Dorico, Dorico recovered document

This is the only issue I’ve had with this great software. Everything is fine for me now but I thought someone might be interested in finding out why.
Dorico (251.5 KB)

It looks to me like Dorico hung because the VST audio engine had stalled/hung itself. When you save your Dorico project, Dorico asks the VST audio engine to send over the data for all of the VST plug-ins you are using in the project so that this data can be saved as part of your project. However, if the audio engine is unable to respond (because it has crashed or is hanging), Dorico will wait forever for a response that will never come.

I can’t see anything too obvious from the logs in the diagnostics that would explain why the audio engine might have hung, but perhaps @Ulf will spot something that I haven’t.

Thanks you very much for the response. I was just surprised that it hung on my simple little project. I thought I should send along a report incase something could be learned from it. As I say everything seems fine now. Also, need to say, great product, forum and support! Really amazing.

Also from my perspective, I don’t know what was going on in that case. The diagnostics contain no crash or hang files and also the logs show only one run, where the audio engine did not shutdown properly. The log just breaks off at some stage, but with no crash or hang file, so I really can’t say something. Do come back here please with new diagnostics files, if it happens again. Thanks