Dorico Hang on Startup - "Waiting for audio engine initialization"

Requested on facebook group that I submit a diagnostics file here.

Dorico (2.2 MB)

If this happens, it usually means the audio engine never shutdown when you previously closed Dorico.

The solution is to stop any instance of VSTAudioEngine that is running. (On Windows you do that in Task Manager or Process Manager - I can’t help with Macs). Dorico should then load normally. (Edit: once you have also closed the Dorico instance that has hung!)

Facebook thread for reference:
facebook DOT com/groups/dorico/permalink/3648135478797511/

This is happening a lot, any way to figure out why Dorico isn’t closing cleanly? Restarting Dorico to refresh trials and eliminate unused voices seem to be regular use cases.

I can’t help with the cause of the hang, But what I offer is the common solution.

Ah thank you, I thought maybe you worked Steinberg. My guess would be things need longer to shut down because it works sometimes…whatever it is they should be able to fix it.

Welcome to the forum, @altaviousness .
Someone from the Development Team is bound to see your post with the Diagnostic Report shortly and respond once they have had a look.

Welcome to the forum @altaviousness .
Could it be that you run into the issue, that you shutdown and immediately launch Dorico again? In that case the audio engine needs some longer time to shutdown properly and then new Dorico comes along and tries to connect to it again and that fails because then the audio engine is suddenly gone.
Try waiting a few seconds before relaunching Dorico.

You can identify Steinberg members by the little red Steinberg logo on their avatar.

Often the problem is caused by crashes in 3rd party VSTs.

Hi Ulf,

That could be what’s happening ~ I take it this is a known issue then? I’m guessing it’s on a backlog somewhere but something like a time out would help a lot if the actual fix is going to take some doing. On my side I’ll try to remember to wait a while after closing/manage the processes.

Ah thanks, I see the icon now. ~ third party VSTs crashing should still be something that can be managed and I would argue that’s a responsibility of the hosting software to handle gracefully. In my case the projects aren’t particularly large and the VSTs are run of the mill.

Hi @altaviousness,
yes, it is a known issue and it is in our backlog and already the next release of Dorico will have some improvement on that end.