Dorico hanging on MacBook Pro (not Mac Pro)

I’m working on a large file (9.6 MB). On my Mac Pro it is stable, if slow (12 seconds to save, for example; 30 seconds to switch from a part back to the full score). I can live with it. But on my MacBook Pro, after working for a little while, the whole program stops responding and I get the spinning rainbow progress wheel. I’ve left it for up to 45 minutes, and it never recovers. I have to force quit (losing some work) and open again.

Going into Activity Monitor and sampling the non-responsive Dorico gives me this:
The Dorico process doesn’t seem to be using much CPU (0.3%-ish), though VST Audio Engine is using 14–17%. I have the NotePerformer playback template currently selected.

Any help for fixing this would be appreciated. I’m willing to put up with the speed, but I can’t deal with the constant crashing.

We’ll look into this. It would also be helpful to have the diagnostic report zip created by Help > Create Diagnostic Report. You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.