Dorico hanging out on specific projects

hello, I can no longer work on some dorico projects. I think there is a problem with the vstaudioengine waiting for something indefinitely.
I haven’t made any special changes to the computer recently.
Here is the crash dump
windows 10 22H2
dorico 5.0.20
Dorico (3.9 MB)
Thanks in advance,

Are you finding that specific projects can no longer be opened? Are you using third party VST instruments?

If you have projects that you can’t open, you could send them to me (e.g. via a direct message or by emailing them to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de) and I should be able to remove the problematic audio engine data so that you can open them once more.

Hello Daniel,
yes I have several third party VST,
I can open the projects but the loading process of VstaAudioEngine never stop.
but I found the culprit! :sunglasses: I recently installed a vst3 version of an external plugin without removing the vst 2 version. So version conflict resolved by uninstalling both versions of this vst and reinstalling the vst 3 version.
And everything works again. :grinning:
Thanks for the assistance that forced me to think a little more… :sweat_smile:

so, it’s not over at all, my bad.
another project won’t load entirely, vstaudioengine freeze
I try several things :

  • update e-licencer
  • reinstall dorico, halion sonic SE 3 and 7.0.10
  • uninstall the previous culprit vst3
  • clear the cache of audio engine and reset it
  • update all the previous vst2 whitelist (from dorico 2 to 5)
    I can’t found where’s the problem :-/
    thanks for your help,
    the diag file is too big to be attached now 7,4Mo
    here’s the link to it

If you have one project that won’t open, please share that specific project so we can take a look.

In the diagnostics are lots of freezedumps of the audio engine. I currently don’t have my debugger tools at hand, but will take a look immediately in the morning. A little patience, please.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll send it in PM

What I’ve done since:
I have exported the project in xml
Imported from this xml to a new project
Carefully rebuild all the vst one by one, trying to restart Dorico after each VST’s installation.
Everything run well, I didn’t identify any faulty third party VST
It’s time consuming because:

  • I have 17 different instruments, most of them have there ones VST
  • percussion parts are not exporting well via xml, I hace to copy and past from the previous project.
    I can do that for one project but if the problem occurs withe each of my hundred projects…
    Thanks for your time

Thanks a lot Ulf, I can’t rebuild every broken project if the problem occurs again. I would really like to have a clue so that I can debug without starting from scratch.

Hi Denis,
I just had a look now at the freeze dumps. There are 27 of them contained in the diagnostics and though I did not check every single one, but I think is fair to say that they are all same in the sense that Kontakt 5 is here the problem. To be more precise, Kontakt 5 is waiting for something and by that blocking the main thread of Dorico’s audio engine.
For what Kontakt is waiting there, I can not tell, I don’t have their source code and debug sysmbols, I only see that our audio engine gets locked by it.
You still have such hanging project file, right? Is it maybe possible that Kontakt tries to pop up an alert or other kind of dialog window and that that window is just hidden behind others? And because you don’t prompt that window everything appears to be dead, although it is just waiting for input.

Many thanks Ulf,
yes, the Halion lead sound promising.
I do not have any kontakt window or warning when VstAudioEngine try to finish it’s work.
I’ll going to upgrade my kontakt version and will see.
Best regards