Dorico Hangouts (?) no sound, or little sound?

Hello, I am trying to look at the Dorico Hangout videos (is that the right term ?) , but the sound level on any of the ones I have tried to look at and listen is almost non existent. I am sure the person talking (with glasses) will have something useful to say, but I cannot hear it.

Any suggestions ? I have turned the sound level on my computer up to maximum, but without success.

Are you trying to use YouTube at the same time that Dorico is running? Are you on Windows? Are you using your computer’s built-in audio hardware, such as an integrated Realtek device? If so, then you need to follow the steps in the troubleshooting video to get sound both from Dorico and from other applications at the same time:

Of course, you will have to quit Dorico before you can hear any of the sound in this video.

Or do you just need to turn up the volume of the YouTube video? In the YouTube video at the lower end is also a speaker icon. If you click on that you can adjust the volume of the video. Is it turned up to the max there as well?

Hello Daniel. I am using Windows 10, and not at the same time as Dorico. I am using the computer’s audio hardware.

I don’ think I explained myself when I put the details up : it is not a sound issue for playback, nor from the rest of the useful videos which have been made available. The problem is only when I try to listen and look at the Hangout videos. The voice is very quiet, and I cannot get the full details as a result.

Could it be that these have been recorded with a lower level of sound input ? I do not know, but would appreciate being able to make use of these videos.

The video output on You Tube is nearly always high, and as I said, I have no problems with any other videos I look at.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to increase the audio level of existing videos on YouTube. I think John’s mic level is sometimes a little low in his Discover Dorico sessions, but if he pumps it up, some people complain that it clips. If you can, perhaps try listening on headphones.

Thank you Daniel, I will use headphones.