Dorico hangs / crashes, when inputting a rehearsal mark

A strange thing happens today. I have a piece with Viola and Pianoforte, around 360 bars of straight 4/4.
I can put in rehearsal marks from A…F, but if I try to input G: dorico will hang / freeze and I have to force it down.
Has anybody had a similar thing happening? I would in Write Mode select a barline and then press Shift-A: freeze!
Daniel can you please have a look, what is happening? I will attach the file to a PM.

[edit…] PM does not take .dorico or .zip files. Daniel, there was another way to let you have a look into a file, wasn’t it?

Klaus sent me his project, and I was able to add the rehearsal marks in our current development build. I will look into what might have been going wrong in 1.0.30 when I get a chance.