Dorico hangs forever after temporary eject of licenser dongle

I tried to remove the dongle while I put my MacBookPro 2015 to sleep mode so that I can travel with it savely; I kept the Dorico application running. I did not close Dorico down, because loading my projects takes really, really long.

When I re-open my laptop I get an error message from the licenser backend that I should put the dongle back and then press retry. I did as requested, but retry does not work at all. The application shows the turning ball and hangs forever and the application must be forcefully terminated.

I would expect that Dorico stops working or is blocked as long as the dongle is away, but proceeds working when it is put back.

I am using MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 with the latest Dorico.

Sorry that it does not comply to your expectation, but that what you describe is out of specification.
Our software requires the USB-eLicenser (aka dongle) to be plugged in all the time while the software is running. Temporarily unplugging is not supported, even though the “press retry” message may suggests so. There might be situation where you get away with it, e.g. at starting up of the program, but it is not guaranteed to work.
So that what you experience is normal behaviour.
If you put your computer to sleep, make sure that the USB-eLicenser is plugged in again before you wake it up.

Hi Ulf,
thanks for the feedback.
I would not complain, if loading of my score would be faster. But waiting about a minute is so long that I try to avoid closing down Dorico.
As far as I know, loading the sounds to the sound engine takes so long. Perhaps this could be put more into the background?
I could easily live with the fact that the playback option is available later. But have the Write and Engrave earlier available.
Regards, Felix

We know that the loading of sounds is slow, as is switching of scores for the same reason. We do hope to improve this in the future.

I’ve just exercised this here myself, but actually unplugging the dongle during sleep is not a good idea.
Even replugging it before waking up, somehow the sleep is not so deep and the computer realizes that it has to reinitialize the dongle, but by that time it is already too late, the software is already running again and complains about the missing dongle.
So even during sleep, never unplug the dongle.

But just to let you know, we have many customer complaints in several ways about the dongle and it’s handling, and Steinberg is currently working on a scheme to get rid of the dongle completely. Can’t give any details of when this will become available, but we are working on it and it’s not that far away, if everything goes as expected.

:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: good news indeed

This will get you a ton of free beer :slight_smile:
Where shall we send it to?

Great news, Ulf. This is typically the kind of problem that stops people from investing in Dorico, while it’s the best (promising) software I know…


That would be fantastic!