Dorico hangs on opening second project

Just in case: the script (command) that you sent me a few day ago - forcing Open GL - produced number of issues that are not present in this command.
I can sent you a zip of that Terminal output as well if that may give your engineers helpful info.

No, as I said before, there’s nothing concerning in that output. It will be the same kind of stuff we see when we run the application in the debugger. But thank you for the offer.

My colleague James asks whether you could also try running Dorico using the following Terminal command to see if it allows those problematic dialogs/windows to appear as they should:

QT_DISABLE_SHADER_DISK_CACHE=1 /Applications/Dorico\\ 5

Thanks for giving this a try!

Sorry, I was away from my computer.

Yes, the latest version of the command DOES fix the problem - i.e., I can view previously created comments, create new ones and can open second project along with the current one.
So, it’s a success!

If it’s not too much to ask for, once the true culprit is identified, I’m curious what is it.

Thanks for this info.

Glad to be of small help.
Quick Google search returns that the culprit is shader caches (though all instances are referring to Windows Direct X)