Dorico hangs on shutdown

When quitting Dorico I get the spinning wheel and a message from eLicenser referring to Dorico Elements, although I am on Dorico Pro 3.5

Attached is Diagn. report.

Dorico (877.7 KB)

Dorico is hanging because the audio engine crashe. There are 3 crash dumps contained in the diagnostics. I will resolve them tomorrow and come back with more info. Stay tuned.

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Hi Henrik, do you get this consistently or was it just a one-of?
I saw that you are still on Dorico 3.5.10, but 3.5.12 is available in the meantime. What if you upgrade, do you still get that error?
The 3 crash dumps of the audio engine are during shutdown, so most likely you did not even get notified or did not realize, right?

Thanks, Ulf.
Well, no you are right; I didn´t notice until I was the message from eLicencer. I thought it was something goign there, because even after updating it, it also hangs and wouldn´t load me dongle.

Maybe the issue has to do with the order in which I shut down Vienna Ensemble Pro and Dorico? Should I quit one before the other?

  • I will upgrade. Didn´t know there was a new one out.



The order of shutdown should not matter.

1 of the 3 crashes is actually in Pianoteq, the other two I can’t really say, but it’s during unloading some component/plug-in, but unfortunately no hint of which one.

Let’s see if it gets better with the updated Dorico version…

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So, I updated 5 days ago, and it was fine until now, where it has started happening again.
See screengrab of the error message, it has to do with the eLicenser (latest v.

Dorico won ´t lauch now, I have to force quit. It does load after restart.

eLicenser will not load my keys after the crash, it just keeps “reading eLicencsers…”

Skjermbilde 2021-05-05 kl. 15.49.53Dorico (1.3 MB)

Sorry to hear that. eLC just came out on Monday and only contains a database update. The software as such did not get an update, so I wonder where that suddenly comes from.
Do you have the license on the Soft- or USB-eLicenser?
And the eLicenser Control Center crashes every time you launch it?

And your diagnostics contain several crash and spin dumps from today and Monday. There are some of Dorico itself and some from the audio engine.
The crashes are in the audio engine and are always due to Pianoteq, so that is nothing we can do about.
Dorico does not crash but just hangs, looks like always in the Synsoacc, part of the eLicenser system.
At the moment I have nothing to suggest, need to think about.
If you have the license on a USB-eLicenser, try on a different USB port maybe…

there is no need to shut down VE Pro at all – you can keep it running in the background using little in the way of system resources but if you do shut down, I haven’t found any problems either way.