DORICO Haunted?

Hey, Listen, my friends. Something weird is happening with Dorico. Check this out: I’m working on a piece of music, and out of the blue Dorico will start undoing EVERYTHING I did for the past, I don’t know, 30 minutes or so! Maybe there is a key command I’m unwittingly pressing, but I’ll cut and paste some music, or I’ll move a note up or down using OPTION-arrow, and my mouse cursor will turn from an arrow to a little watch (I’m using a Mac) and then Dorico will start to undo all the entries I’ve been doing! It’s the weirdest thing and it’s never happened before. Does anyone know of either a key command I might be unwittingly pressing or an exorcist that specializes in music notation software? I’d take either one at this point!

That’s very unusual. First of all, I’d make sure that you have Screen Sharing, Remote Management and Remote Apple Events OFF in System Preferences.

Check the Shortcuts set for Undo in Dorico’s Preferences.

Has no other app been acting strangely?

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Sticky key on your keyboard?

Hey, guys! Thanks for your replies. I never figured out what happened, but I restarted my computer and Dorico has been working fine now. Thanks for your help!

I just remembered an incident when my computer appeared to be issuing random mouse clicks. It’s quite disconcerting. It turned out to be a tiny fly flitting about on the touchscreen!

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