Dorico high memory usage

Hello, I am running Dorico 5.1 on Windows 10 with 64gb of memory. The only instruments I’m using is Halion Sonic with Iconica Sketch running about 600mb of memory, and Kontakt running about 800mb of memory. Yet Task Manager shows Dorico using almost 18gb of memory. Where’s all that memory going to? Please advise. Thank you!


Hi @iforgottosave , that is suspicious , indeed. Is that with every project or only with certain ones?
Can you please post an example project or send directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de ? Thanks

In your Screenshot you see a little arrow on the left of Dorico. Can you please click that Arrow and post the screenshot with everything that appears under the Name Dorico?

Hello, here’s a Drive link to the file:

It’s not the only project I’ve had this problem with, but since I’m working on this one right now I’ve had the most time to observe the issue.

While activating it spikes to around 28gb of memory:


And after loading it settles to around 16-17gb of memory:


Here’s screenshots of all my VSTs that I am using:

Lastly, here’s a UserBenchmark link to my desktop specs:

Thanks very much for the data, @iforgottosave .

I had a very quick look at the project data, and according to that you have 150 VSTinstrument plug-ins in there. This would explain the high memory usage of the audio engine. The question though is, did you really set your project intentionally up like this? On the machine I’m currently on, I don’t have Dorico, so can’t load the project. I guess this is more likely the old known bug that we could never reproduce so far. How did you set up your project? Did you start with a template or added players one by one?

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I added players one by one, but I’ve been at this project for about a year or so now, so I’ve added and removed a lot of VSTs throughout its lifetime. Though 150 instruments seems a very strange bug. I think in the meanwhile I will create a new project from scratch of this and see what happens.

I will admit I am surprised. I thought removing instruments in the “Play” tab cleared them from the project and from memory.

Okay, that must be the bug then: User removes plug-in but a “zombie object” stays behind. I will investigate further down that line. Once I have a reproduction for it, it will be easy to fix. This bug hassles us already for very long, it’s time to kill it at last.


If your VSTs are configured manually, rather than using a playback template, you just need to apply the “Silence” playback template, and then setup your VSTs again.

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In theory you are right with that. The silence template shall delete all VSTi instances, or is supposed to do. I’ve tried on my machine with a smaller project and actually it does do as expected, but there must be a bug somewhere there.
So yes, @iforgottosave , please try to apply the Silence template, does that bring down the project size?


Yes, the “Silence” template seemed to fix the issue. I’ve re-added the VSTi and it is now only taking about 4-5gb of memory, and it no longer lags or crackle my audio. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future. Thank you!

I’m glad to hear that the Silence template did the trick. Please keep me informed when you work on that project again and you start realizing that it becomes a resource eater, get in touch with me again.
In the meantime I will try to reproduce the issue on my machine.

Hi @iforgottosave , I tried reproducing your issue, but I can’t.
What is your typical workflow then with your project, then. Do you add/remove VSTinstruments implicitly via the Setup Mode by adding/removing players? Or do you do it via the Play Mode?

I use Play mode for adding and removing VSTi, and for assigning the instruments to the players.

I don’t remember my entire workflow (it evolved over the last year or so of this project and as I learned how to better use Dorico), and I’ve had around 3 orchestrations and instrumentations implemented throughout it, so the project has had a very messy life. I suppose because Dorico would occasionally crash when I added a new/different VSTi, so I would add, save, add, save, then do something like switch to a new VST library and remove everything. and so on until the code turned from spaghetti to an entire pasta shop. I sincerely doubt the problem is reproduceable.

But just about all VSTi work was done in the Play tab.

Thank you very much. It’s good to know that you did everything in the Play Mode, so that at least narrows it down a bit. With that information I will dig around a bit more.


Would this issue be related to my previous thread or is it something different:

Hi @DanielMuzMurray , yes, your issue from April is the same as the one here in this thread. So we still don’t have a reproduction for it.

@iforgottosave , do you also use Save Endpoint Configuration in your project?

I’ve seen it, but I have no idea what it does, so no.

It saves the settings you have for which Expression/Percussion Maps are assigned to each Instrument.