Dorico iCloud sub folders

In dorico ipad currently added the option to be able to save files to iCloud or iPad depending on the choice we want.

Would it be possible to create sub folders in the folder dorico creates in iCloud? And if so, would these sub folders appear in the dorico hub???

Hi Martin,

I have the iPad version and the desktop versions on Mac and PC. Sub-folders are not an issue, and they do appear in the Hub.

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Very well I will test it, and is it possible from dorico ipad to select the sub folder where to save a new project created in dorico ipad?

I’ve just created a Test project on my iPad, and it saved to the root of the Dorico folder in iCloud (as specified in Preferences), not in a sub-folder - there doesn’t seem to be a way of saving it to a sub-folder.

I copied this test project (using the Files app) to a sub folder and it appeared in the iPad Hub so I could open it.

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Which begs the question why @Martin_Reyna_Zuniga could not have done this too and saved himself an hour waiting for an answer.

I am frequently surprised that some users are reluctant to try stuff out using a dummy file they can later throw away. In many cases that’s how the experienced users who answer their questions got their experience.

Yes, good point. The only way to learn is by trying yourself. At a glacial pace my compositions are improving from utterly dire to mostly hideous, but one day, many y(t)ears from now they’ll reach the giddy heights of mediocrity!

Same goes for learning Dorico; lots of mistakes but lots of really excellent videos to try hands on stuff, especially when it comes to layouts and engraving.

In this particular case I wasn’t sure if he actually had an iPad, so it only took a minute to do a test, especially as it was so simple.

It’s very simple, I’ll explain why I ask here in the forum.

Currently there is a problem with the iCloud folder on iPad, some users have access to it correctly from file app but for others it appears hidden as is my case. The dorico team
Team dorico is still working on solving it.

So I can’t test directly on my iPad.

Hi again Martin. A baffling problem as to why your iCloud folder is hidden, and probably particularly difficult for the Dorico team to solve.

Have you thought of googling “how to hide an iCloud folder”? This might give some clues which point to a solution.

We are still waiting for assistance from Apple about the issue where the Dorico folder doesn’t appear on some users’ iPads.

Dorico for iPad will show projects that are located within subfolders in iCloud Drive in the Hub, but it won’t show the subfolders themselves.


today I tried to do the following:

Create a new project from dorico pro 4 on my Mac mini and save it in the dorico folder in iCloud (on the Mac mini is visible) and try to open it from the dorico ipad hub.

However when I open the dorico ipad hub the file does indeed appear in the hub but I get an error when trying to open it. And there is no way to access it from the iPad, since the dorico iCloud folder is not visible neither from the files app or by clicking on “import project”.

I thought maybe it was because the file is uploaded to iCloud but I have to download it to iPad and the folder is not visible because I can not do it manually or automatically … as I did the test to save the file in another iCloud folder which I made sure was visible and indeed the file is downloaded to the iPad and I can open it in dorico iPad. But I find it very impractical