Dorico ignores my commands in play mode?

When I push the S or M buttons (solo and mute) in play mode, dorico mutes/solos all of the instruments in the piece. With some double clicks I am able to get to solo the instrument of my choice but when I initiate playback, it ignores the solo and all instruments sound during playback anyways.

I just wanna hear my selected instrument and it seems to ignore my commands.

I’m using the latest noteperformer as the playback engine.

The “easy” workflow for this is to select notes from the instruments you want to hear (granted, it’s easier if they are not far apart) and press p. The playback will start from the first note selected and only the selected instruments will play.

In Play mode, click Routing to the left of the instrument, then click the e and you’ll see NotePerformer’s mixer. You need to use the Solo and Mute buttons in here, not Dorico’s own ones.

This is pretty specific to the way that NotePerformer operates.

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