Dorico ignores SIB repeat endings

Hi everybody,
I have to do a lot of XML exportation work - I wrote 100s of files in SIB.

Everything works fine using Bob Zawalisch’s ConvertLagacyChordSymbol.plg (for German users: please click the “unformatted” option) - so at least i don’t have to enter chord symbols…

But- Dorico ignores all SIB repeat endings in play mode:(

Do I have to reenter them in DORICO???



The current version of Dorico doesn’t play repeats at all, however you enter them.

Actually, Dorico isn’t playing repeat endings yet, they’re only notated at this point. Unless you mean that the barlines were lost at import?

No, the barlines are imported correctly.

Is there the same playback problem concerning octave signs (for example “8va”)?

Thanx for your replies!!!

No, octave lines are properly implemented. Have you experienced any trouble?