Dorico Ignores Slur at Beginning of Flow

Hello All,

I tried searching for this and couldn’t find it after a couple of minutes, so I apologize if this has been repeated.

I reached out to NP3 (which is what I use for output) and let them know that I’m having trouble with Legato playback under slurs at the beginning of a flow. NP3 responded to me and said that it’s a bug in Dorico.

First off: No, I do not have other articulations in that bar, just a dynamic (unlinked) and slur marking over the bar. as soon as the second measure (which is identical to the first) begins, the playback is correct.

Is this a known bug?


System info: macOS 10.14 (Mojave) / MacBook Pro (Late 2017), 16 GB RAM, Dorico 2.2

Are you running NP 3.1, or 3.0? There have been several corrections to version 3.1, and I think this was one.

I am running 3.1.

If you have multiple voices in the staff that is failing, this is a known bug. Workaround includes adding an empty bar at the beginning of the flow.

Can you post an cut down project that reproduces the problem? There isn’t a general problem with slurs at the start of the flow, but there are other factors that may be significant.

Here’s one similar to the issue we discussed the other day.

Compare the playing techniques lanes. (517 KB)

Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply.

Here’s the file.
Stone of Light error (395 KB)

Hi dbudde! That’s not what is happening here: It’s just a single voice and straight forwardly written.

Actually you do have two voices. Turn on voice colors and you’ll see bar 1 is in blue and bar 2 and 3 are in red. If you change those two bars to the same voice as bar 1, then save and reopen the project, you’ll see that Legato works as expected. So this is the same issue.

I honestly have no idea how I managed to make that happen. I appreciate you looking into it, and checking anyway! Thanks again!