Dorico ignores the repeat signs

Dorico for IPad doesn’t play the sections twice, which are in repeat signs. Why ?
Minuet_et_Badinerie_BWV_1067__J.S._Bach.dorico (748.8 KB)

If you add a repeat here, then it works:

Or you could use a new flow for that next section, rather than manually changing the bar number.

It seems that you opened and edited this score in Dorico for the desktop computer. How can I do this with the IPad version? There are no such options in the settings.

You can’t access Playback Options in Dorico for iPad, but provided you fix the repeat structure, Dorico will automatically re-enable the Play repeats option.

How can I fix the repeat structure? I have deleted the repeated sign and inserted new ones from the menu, but that didn’t help.

As Todd showed in his first reply in this thread, you need to add a start repeat barline.

That didn’t help. Although there is a start repeat barline, Dorico doesn’t play the repetition

I find that if I add a start repeat barline in your project at the location indicated by Todd, i.e. the down-beat at the start of the second movement, Dorico does indeed play back the repeats as it should.

Indeed , now it works. Let me try to understand this issue. If somewhere in the whole score the repeat structure is incomplete, Dorico is ignoring generally the repetitions in the whole piece. Is is like this? In the IPad version this behaviour is quite inscrutable, because you get no informations, that there is an issue at all.

Yes, indeed, if the repeats are invalid in any flow in the project, Dorico can’t play back repeats for the whole project (because playback options are project-wide, rather than per-flow). I agree that it would be helpful if there was some other kind of notification that the repeats are invalid other than the Playback Options dialog, because that dialog is only available in Dorico Pro.

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