Dorico in orchestra score created a two part notation in Horn 1 where there is only one part

In a new orchestra work score, Horn 1 shows as two parts, See attached, . How to stop this on the score? Same for Oboe. The individual parts do not show the two parts, only the score.
Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 14.19.28

Hi Charlie, that’s a very small extract to be able to say definitively.

  • Is condensing enabled in this layout?

  • You say it’s a new score, but did it originate as an import in any way (MusicXML or MIDI, for example)?

  • What happens when you turn on voice colours? And select a single horn note, and check the status bar display at the bottom left of the window – where you should see the voice to which that note belongs.

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Thanks, Lillie

I used a Dorico template for the orchestra, deleted the unneeded instruments.
Condensing is not enabled.
The cannot read status bar for this.
I am happy to send you the project, but I cannot share it with the list.
How can I send the file for your eyes only? The piece cannot be public until December.


Did you perhaps input in downstem voice 1 ?

No, I managed this without input in downstream voice.
Good question. Mine is how to reverse it. Are there note filters to separate two voices>

What happens if you do the following?

In the score layout, select the whole part (click on a note or rest at the start of the first bar, then do Edit > Select to End of Flow),
right-click on an item in the selection (or do Edit > Notations),
choose Voices > Change Voice > Up-stem Voice 1.

Make a copy. Delete everything except a few bars that show the problem and upload that excerpt. You will likely get a definitive answer rather than a bunch of guesses.

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Hi @charlie2, @Janus already suggested how to do.
I suggest you also to read this thread, and in particular the point 4., for a more detailed explanation:

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Thanks to all. Steven Jones’ solution worked to remove the fictitious second voice in the horn part: selecting the Horn part to the tne of the flow, etc.

Had that not worked, I would have, as Janus suggested, sent a redacted file for others to see.
Derek, I have removed my email from this thread. Thanks for the heads up to maybe beat the reaper. Cheers

charlie, unfortunately not yet:

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Here is more information about the status bar, which based on the fact changing the voice solved the problem, would probably have indicated that these suspect notes were in a down-stem voice.

In order to see the voice displayed, you need to select a single note only, not multiple notes or notes plus slurs, for example.

Thank you. Very helpful function. Unrelated, earlier in this thread I typed my email address. Is there any way to delete that?

I can’t see it in any post, so from that perspective your edits appear to be functioning.