Dorico in silent mode, audio engine initialisation

I compose and arrange everything in Cubase 13. Then I want to export the XML file and load it into Dorico 5 to create the sheet music. Since I do all the sound processing in Cubase and only need Dorico for sheet music production, I work in Dorico 5 in silent mode. However, when I start Dorico 5, I get the message ‘Wait for audio engine initialization,’ which takes quite a long time. Why is Dorico initializing the audio engine when I have set it to silent mode? It runs through Asio4All. Sometimes Dorico crashes, and upon restarting, it goes quickly and everything is fine. What could be the problem here? Thank you for your help.

Dorico Screen

Dorico always runs the audio engine, even if you are using the Silence playback template. If you have lots of plug-ins or make any changes to your plug-in configuration, you’ll need to wait for Dorico to scan them when it starts up (though it won’t re-scan them if there are no changes in plug-ins detected).

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Ok, thank you very much!