Dorico in the wild

Worse - soft play. I think I was quite productive - filled out the accompaniment to a section of opera. At one point of my life I did have the luxury of hiking up the french alps with some manuscript in my pack but alas no more :wink:

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Portuguese cafes are quite effective, both from the enviroment and for the superb quality of the coffee!

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especially when you have two :+1:

Great trick I found with at least the M1 iPad which uses a lot of power. Biggest downside at this point with mobile devices IMO is the battery, which before too long degrades and rather kills the use case of being mobile. I don’t think manufacturers take enough precautions with them. One they let the things heat up during charging which they hate. Two, AFAIK they let you fully charge and discharge them. Lithium batteries do like to be used, but it’s best to keep them between 30%-70%, but nobody gives you the option of clamping charging between those two. So I try to play tricks to keep it there.

Anyhow, with the M1 iPad all you need to do is keep it plugged into either a low power or high power port on a USB external battery. With the two I’ve got, it will very slowly lose charge with the low power, which is a nice easy use case. With the high power port (2A I think) it keeps pace, and basically stays at the same power level. This is great! It’s reducing the number of charge cycles, while making it easy to keep at a good charge, and it appears to help keep the battery cool, all of which extend the lifespan.

ARM is a very mature architecture and we’re getting close to theoretical minimum transistor size, I’ve been programming on it for years, and so I’m not expecting the M1+ follow ones to be significant upgrades for years to come. So a little battery TLC should go a long way to get a good lifespan out of this iPad.

Note - best option is to use the USBc cable that comes with it plugged into a USB3/c adapter. I used a 3rd pard c to 3 adapter which worked at first, but after a while the iPad decided it wasn’t going to talk to it anymore. The original cable with a dongle adapter hasn’t been an issue.

Note with this trick is to go ahead and let it go through a full cycle occasionally, as they do like to have electrons moving through them.

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Been getting these great foggy mornings/hot days weather. Didn’t get a damn thing done though, just relaxed at the beach


Since here in Portugal we’re having a nice St. Martin’s summer, here you have a nice view of a park in Porto. If tomorrow we continue with this weather, you can bet I’ll be there to finish the project.