Dorico insist on writing tempo with lower case letter?!

When I use the pop-over-command “Shift-T” to write “Allegro” in the begining of my score, Dorico automatically changes it to “allegro” (with a lower case ‘a’) … looks strange to me.

Is there any way I can control this behaviour?


That’s weird: it doesn’t do that for me. Are you running the latest version, 1.0.20? If you go to the Properties panel and override the ‘Text’ property there, can you change it to ‘Allegro’ as you would expect?

…and now it worked! I have no idea what I did differently.
So sorry to have bothered you!

– Kasper

Kasper: I’m guessing you had your CapsLock key on, which would create the first letter as a lower case when you hit shift to make it capital (you thought).

Actually, I just found the reason: I have Typinator (text expanding app) installed and it seems to be the culprit.
When disabled, typing in Dorico works as expected :slight_smile: