Dorico Installation Failure

I updated from Dorico 4 Pro to 5 Pro earlier this month. There were no problems with the installation on my iMac.

My iMac’s internal drive failed and I replaced it with a Mac Studio. I have been unable to install Dorico on it.

The Steinberg Activation Manager states “No Licenses Found.” When I entered the download access code into the Download Assistant, it stated “Download Access Code is already consumed by another user.” The Steinberg Profile/Licensing page indicates that I have No Products Available.

What should I try next? Thanks.

I guess you must have another Steinberg ID account with a different email address – can you think what that might be?

Thank you for your quick reply, Daniel.

I do have two email addresses associated with Steinberg. I used patrick at patrickhoulihan dot com to register when I got a demo of Dorico. When I purchased 3.5 two years ago, the Steinberg Online Shop absolutely refused every attempt to use that email address. I finally gave up and used houlihanp at gmail dot com for the purchase. My subsequent attempts to condense that to one email address for Steinberg failed.

Just FYI, I would edit your post to use something like myname at gmail dot com to foil the bots.

Thanks, Dan.

Indeed, your Dorico 5 license is associated with your houlihanp email account. Am I to understand, then, that you’d like to your your account exclusively and transfer your license from the houlihanp account to this one, and remove the houlihanp account altogether?

That would be excellent! Thank you!

I’ll ask my colleagues in support to handle this.

Solved. Thank you, Daniel!