Dorico installer installing Pro instead of Element


I tried three times to download and install Elements from Steinberg Dowload manager without success.
I choose Dorico Elements 2.2 - Application installer 337.03 MB. The installer propose to install Dorico 2 without specifying Pro nor Elements version.
When I run the installed product, it displays a splash screen mentionning Dorico Pro 2 which is confirmed by the version number in the Help menu.

Unless Steinberg wants to give me the Pro version for free, how could I force the installer to install the Elements version? :sunglasses:

thanks for your help

The software is the same: only the licence defines whether it is Pro or Elements.

ok but why is it launching the Pro version when I entered an Elements licence in Elicenser? I suppose it’s messing with the Pro demo I once installed but I removed it since then and the trial period is over.

Can you see/use Engrave mode? IF not, then it’s Elements.

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Yes I can see it and the Help -> About menu shows clearly that it is the Pro version

I’m not sure to understand, there is nothing on the soft elicenser, I added the license to the USB Key. If I unplug the key, I can’t start Dorico. And the USB key mention Dorico 2 Element, not Pro.

If you cannot uninstall the demo license from the USB Key, you may have to wait for it to expire before your access to Elements is possible.

sorry, I wasn’t clear: the demo license expired and I removed it from the key then added the purchased one.

With every Steinberg dongle comes a time limited license (don’t know how long, it’s x-hours of usage) for any of the Steinberg products, so I guess Dorico Pro is now running on that license until it counted down. Once that is expired it will only start up as Dorico Elements.

I know and that’s what I am trying to avoid. I find it strange not being able to choose the version I want to use as I don’t plan to use the Pro version before years.

We have not such fine grained control over the licenses. When the program starts it asks the eLicenser for a valid license and it starts checking from top down. The Dorico executable is same for Pro and Elements and only the license enables or disables features. So the program will first look for a Pro license and if it finds one, will use that one. In your case that is the ‘All application trial’ that fits and so that one gets used. If no Pro license is found, then an Elements license is looked for.
If in the future you want to try out other Steinberg products, you can still get separate trial licenses from us.

thank you for clarifying the process. My main fear is to use Pro features by mistake that I won’t be able to use later in my Elements projects.

The difference basically is, that Elements does not have the Engrave Mode and that it is limited in the number of players - don’t know, I think 12 it is.
So if you stay out of Engrave Mode, you should be fine.
And Elements can also load projects created in Pro with engrave options, but you then just can’t edit that anymore.

I would imagine you also should probably not change anything in Engraving Options or Notation Options, just to be safe.