Dorico Interface on Small Screen


A quick suggestion about Dorico’s interface:
I use Dorico on a computer with a 12-inch diagonal screen (2304px x 1440px), so screen real-estate is valuable. It would be great if there were a way to completely hide the left, bottom, and right panels. Even in their minimized form, they still take up quite a bit of space on the screen, and I don’t need to see them at all. I use key commands for all the buttons shown on the left panel in its minimized form, and I use popovers for everything shown on the right panel.

2304px x 1440px sound like luxury :slight_smile:

Yes, this would be nice, even for larger screens - I see that the top panel really disappears almost completely when hidden. It would be terrific if the left and right panels could do the same - maybe even the bottom panel? For what it’s worth, what I find myself looking at the most is the grid resolution in the bottom left corner. Often I feel like I don’t need to see the left and right panels. Maybe there could be an option-command-7 that could completely hide it? And then command-7 would partly hide it, as it is now.

Yes, but they’re very small pixels…

I completely agree — I think this would be perfect.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll definitely consider it, but it’s quite deliberate that the various buttons to reopen the panels are always present on the edges of the windows, and with the toolboxes to the left and right and the status bar with its useful zoom, page layout and rhythmic grid settings, I’m reticent to allow them to be hidden completely.

Thanks Daniel - I trust you and the team to do the best thing! But I do like the possibility of a minimum of UI surrounding the music, if it’s possible and not confusing.

It makes sense that the buttons to reveal the panels would always be visible, but perhaps the buttons for the left, bottom, and right panels could be as small as the button for the top panel. I do understand that this would be an extra complication in the UI, however.