Dorico internal string warning - notes displaying as squares


I’m getting an error with a file opening up:

“Dorico internal string warning some fields missing in file: lengthfactor”

It makes the notes display as empty squares/rectangles. I can remember getting a similar problem with Sibelius and it being linked to fonts.

We’re loading a pre-saved file made on Dorico 3 and opening the file on Dorico 2. The strange thing is that this is happening only on one machine that has been cloned. All of the other machines don’t have this problem?!

The notes displaying as squares problem is almost certainly related to a font issue, and a simple reboot will take care of it.

The warning concerning the “lengthFactor” is harmless, but it would be resolved if you resave the project in Dorico 3.5.10; if you’re running Dorico 3.5, you should update to the 3.5.10 update.