Dorico iPad and iCloud

I still don’t fully understand how dorico iPad works now with iCloud, I thought it would be as follows:

By saving dorico pro files to iCloud I could access them from the iPad without them being duplicated in the iPad’s memory.

Here I have a big doubt in the dorico iPad hub I get several files with the same name and some appear in the dorico folder on the iPad. As if they were. Duplicating again.

In the images I show below the only files that I created directly in dorico ipad is the file “dorico ipad”, the others are all in iCloud.

The modifications I make to the files in dorico ipad that I open from iCloud are updated correctly in iCloud but I think the best thing would be to have the option to save manually and not with auto save that would be very useful.

When you open a project from iCloud Drive, it should only be saved back to iCloud Drive and not produce a duplicate file in Dorico’s local storage. When do those apparent duplicates appear?

In the Hub’s grid view, you can tell which files are in Dorico’s local storage because they have the little hamburger menu in their top right corner. Try deleting all of them (obviously be careful not to delete any projects you really want to keep).

I am testing to identify when the files are duplicated on the ipad but I still can’t replicate the problem at will, I will continue to pay attention as it is a problem that has been happening to me.

Another question I have is the following, I import a MIDI file or rather XML and in the dorico ipad hub it appears as MIDI, but that’s not really the problem, the issue is that I can not delete it, I get the option to do so (with the hamburger icon) select delete and it does not, remains there, if I try to open it marks me error, the original midi file manually delete it from its source folder, but I still appears in the HUB dorico iPad

Are you importing the MIDI or MusicXML file from iCloud Drive or another cloud-enabled location?

Today testing with the new update that is driving me crazy (I already made a post explaining my doubts) I realized that when I select to share either MIDI or XML format but No matter if I save the file or if I discard the operation, it generates me a file in the hub and I can’t delete it from there and I can’t open it.

now I also noticed that with the new update the files opened directly from iCloud no longer appear in the hub.