Dorico IPad can't handle a Trumpet concerto midifile

I try to load a trumpet concerto midifile into D5 IPad, but Dorico can’t handle it. That means the app loads the file, but instantly crashes. The file isn’t that big, just 53kB , but has 13 voices. It’s quite disappointing. And why doesn’t it recognise the instruments, which are in the midifile. All sounds are piano.
Trumpet-Concerto.mid (52.0 KB)

I don’t know the answers to any of your questions, but I was able to import the file into Dorico Pro 5 on my iMac. As with your experience, the sounds all came in as piano.
I then imported the MIDI file into Sibelius and MuseScore and exported it as a MIDI file. Those two files are attached below. I did not have time to check the results but, assuming that you can import them into Dorico on your iPad, you might find some differences with how those two applications have interpreted the information in the MIDI file.

Trumpet-Concerto (exported from Sibelius).mid (79.8 KB)
Trumpet-Concerto (exported from MuseScore).mid (74.5 KB)

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Edit ( a few minutes later):

I tried importing the MIDI file into Dorico again. This time I disabled “Use track memory” in MIDI Import Options (in the top RH corner of that window). The instruments were then recognised as in this screen shot I made of the Players list in Setup mode.

Here is the resulting Dorico file.

Trumpet-Concerto.dorico (2.7 MB)

Also, in “Instruments” in the “Import Options” section (at the bottom of the window) in MIDI Import Options, I had enabled “Use GM program changes to identify instruments”.

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When I loaded your MuseScore export, Dorico showed me the screen below.
Once I corrected the errant assignments, the piece played as one would expect.

Trumpet-Concerto (exported from MuseScore)_altered.dorico (1.9 MB)


Thanks for your help. Indeed it’s no problem importing this file into Dorico desktop. I can read the files, which you’ve created on the Mac and load them on the IPad. They work fine, but the midifiles still crash on the IPad.