Dorico iPad: Can't set "Play n times" for repeats

Until a recent update, I was able to set the number for “Play n times” for repeats in Dorico for iPad. Currently, when I try to set this value, I don’t get a popup for numeric entry and I cannot set the number to anything other than 2. I can’t paste a number into the blank either.

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Dorico for iPad doesn’t currently show the special numeric popover for input fields in the Properties panel. This is a bug that we will fix as soon as possible.

OK. Thanks

Due to this bug I cannot finish my work today unless I find another workaround for repeat endings and repeat n times. Example: I need 2 repeat endings, with the first being 1,2,3 and the last being 4. Is there a way to input this without using the properties menu? Trying to change the value simply assumes the value is 0 without that special numeric popover, trying to backspace/delete the original number obviously forces a 0 and therefore deleting the currently selected unit/element/etc.

A possible workaround: If you can PM the project to someone with D5 for desktop, they can set the ending for you and send it back. The only question is whom. (I’m still on 4.3 as of now.)

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Another possible workaround. Enter the numbers as text for printing purposes. If you need the repeats working properly on-screen, I would export the score as a PDF, then Import the score’s PDF into forScore, where you can add “jumps”.

To make this a practical live solution, I use the PageFlip Dragonfly (4-pedal) page turner and this solution works very well.
NOTE: You need the extra 2-pedals to navigate and activate the jumps. I would not be able to do this from a 2-pedal page turner.

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I appreciate the idea/offer(s). I ended up having too many things to sort out so I went ahead and bout 5 (Elements) for PC to get at least a few problems sorted. Of course I ended up spending a solid 40 minutes figuring out another bug with “Wait for audio engine initialization” and eventually found a post about killing the VST engine in processes before trying to boot it up.
Now I’m dealing with the fact I have pro on ipad and not pro on PC for some engraving editings I usually do! :smiley: For the price, elements is great and if the team is going to keep updating and squashing bugs I’ll probably just buy a full license.

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The iPad version is designed to parallel the Elements desktop version.

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I feel like it’s mostly the same, except (and perhaps I haven’t dug around properly yet), there are some engraving options I can’t do on elements on PC when compared to the “pro/subscription” on ipad.
Specifically I haven’t found the options for changing all the chord symbols/styles etc.
I also need to figure a way to make this segno sign more than smudge of ink on the page. It’s real small! I thought I saw in a quick glance that would be under more privileged permissions from Pro.

There is one version of Dorico for iPad (per upgrade). I just wanted to make clear that it is not comparable to the Pro version on the desktop; so calling it pro is misleading.

Some of us would welcome a Pro version for the iPad (even at an increased subscription rate), but so far that has not been in the cards and may not ultimately prove feasible.

In Dorico Elements, the options for chord symbols are found in Library > Chord Symbols. Neither Dorico for iPad nor Dorico Elements contain engraving options that allow you to change the size or design of coda/segno symbols, but you can at least scale them to any size you like via the Custom scale property in the Common group in the Properties panel.