Dorico Ipad copy/paste issue

When I mark a piano voice with pedal signs and try to copy the notes, it doesn’t work. That means the copy has just the pedal signs but no notes. How can I copy the notes ?
Dorico 2.5

This works as expected for me. Provided you select both the notes and the pedal lines before you copy, you will be able to paste everything that is copied. If you’re having problems selecting notes and the pedal lines at the same time, you could switch to the piano part layout (if your project has more instruments than just the piano) and use the system track to select everything, then copy and paste there.

It’s not working for me like you described. If I mark the notes and the pedal signs (everything in the system) , copy and paste, only the pedal signs are pasted, not the notes.

What do you have selected when you try to paste?

Here is the score, in which this issue happens. I want to copy the bass notes of the piano system to the violoncello system . Therefore I select everything in the piano bass , so that it is all orange ( included notes and the pedal signs ), then I press the copy button, go the violoncello system and press " paste". The result is that only the pedal signs are copied, not the notes. What is going wrong?
Träumerei.dorico (805.2 KB)

My guess is that pedal lines are attached to the top stave of a grand staff instrument, not the bottom. So when you paste into the cello, you are actually trying to paste two staves into one and only the top stave elements arrive (ie the pedal lines).

If you filter>deselect>pedal lines before doing the copy, the notes and dynamics arrive OK.

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What do you mean with filter>deselect>pedal lines ? Is there a deselect function? Where? I have tried to filter the notes from the selection , so that only the notes are marked orange. But even that isn’t working. When I copy/paste this selection, only a few notes will be pasted. For me this behaviour is quite strange, because it is obvious that everything , which is marked , should be pasted.

The first two options when you filter, in the list of what’s filterable are select and deselect. Choose the latter and anything you will select and “filter” will be removed from the selection.

You might have a different version of Dorico for IPad like I have. In my version there is no select/deselect option in the filter menu. I have Dorico 2.501.

You should find it right at the top of that menu, if you scroll up, as a pair of buttons.

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On the screnshot it is scrolled up. There is nothing above it. Maybe I’m stupid, but I can’t find it.

You’re certainly not stupid! But it should be there. Here’s how it looks on my iPad:

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Thats missing in my version of Dorico. How is it possible?

What screen/monitor are you using to view your music?
If the iPad screen, what happens when you rotate it 90 degrees?

On the screenshot it is the portrait mode of the Ipad, but changing to landscape doesn’ t solve this issue. Still the select/ deselect buttons are missing.

I’m not sure how that can be missing. A long shot: if you switch the language of Dorico to run in English on the General page of Preferences, does that help?

Yes indeed, when I change the language to English, the select/deselect option appears. So, Dorico doesn’t seem to like the german language. I hope that this will be fixed in a next update.
By the way: the original question is still not answered. Why doesn’t Dorico’s Copy and paste function work properly with this score, which I have attached in this thread. Please try to copy /paste the whole bass piano voice to the cello voice. It’s not working for me.

When you select notes and pedal lines on the bass staff of an instrument such as piano, you are actually selecting material on 2 staves because the pedal lines are attached (invisibly) to the top staff. So when you Copy and try to Paste to a 1-staff instrument you get only the top staff material, which is the lines. This is why you have to filter to deselect the lines, in order to copy just the notes you’re selecting.

It seems to be logical, but nevertheless it’s not clear. When I select all in one staff and then deselect the pedal signs, it should work, but it doesn’t. In this case the result after copy/ paste is that some single notes are copied, the most not. Is it possible, that in one staff some notes belong to another staff, although they are visual in that staff? I can’t believe it.

It is possible if you have done Edit > Notations > Cross Staff > …
(The keyboard shortcuts are N and M, so could be hit easily.)

But it is too hard to guess what is happening without seeing your file and the exact steps you took.