Dorico iPad doesn’t autosave sometimes (too many times)

This happens all the time: I just worked an hour or so on Dorico. But all of the sudden it doesn’t save my work. My last saved edit is from 14:55, and it’s now 15:28. Trying to export the file doesn’t do anything either. This isn’t the first time.

My wishlist for the next release is: make it stable. Every new release introduces as many bugs as it solves. Very frustrating!

Where is the project located? Is it located in iCloud Drive, in Dropbox, in Dorico’s own local documents folder? Have you seen any error messages about saving since you opened the project? If you close the project by tapping the left-pointing arrow in the top left corner of the window, is the project correctly closed and saved?

Saved in iCloud Drive. No error messages. Project cannot be closed, since the interface is unresponsive (but it only became unresponsive after about 30 minutes of editing). Not all elements are unresponsive. I can open the Share menu, but then it doesn’t do anything with my clicks.

This just happened during my regular workflow, which generally works, yet twice a week cost me lots of time because the work isn’t saved. No changes in workflow. I always make sure Dorico is closed, then open the files from the Files app, so I can check that I am working on the latest version. During my work I normally check every few minutes if the files has been saved properly by looking at the edit time in Files (because this happens a lot). It’s just sour that the one time I forgot to check, Dorico lets me work for 30 minutes without saving.

I have a screencast if that will help.

I would like you to try our current TestFlight build, which should address this issue, which is to do with Dorico not being able to write everything back to the iCloud Drive location where the project is found. Please send me a private message with your Apple ID email address, and I’ll send you a TestFlight invitation so that you can try the current testing build.