Dorico Ipad doesn't save a score

I made some editings of an existing score (e. g. changed the title of the score) , which I had on the Icloud Drive. After closing the score, nothing was saved. The whole score is lost. It doesn’t exist in the recent files and not in the ICloud drive. This has happenend not the first time and it is quite annoying.
I use the latest version of Dorico for Ipad on an Ipad 9.7. OS 14.8

Do you have a backup? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Wait… can you have backups on iPads? :flushed:

There is no backup. Dorico should manage the save procedure automatically, but unfortunately it seems to be not reliable. I’m quite angry about this behaviour, because I can loose the work of some hours.

If you have an external keyboard attached to your iPad, you can save by typing Command-S at any time. I’m sorry you seem to have lost work: when you close a project, Dorico always saves the project at that point. I assume you can in general see projects you’ve created in iCloud Drive, and only this specific one is missing?