Dorico iPad First Use Questions

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I've installed Dorico for iPad and know it's not necessarily representative of the full software. However, I've looked at a few videos and am listening through a blog interview with the Dorico product specialist. I'm having a few issues that I'm not sure the app supports:

  1. Font. I usually use a “Jazztext” font on my “it’s not Dorico” app on my PC. I know iPad doesn’t support custom fonts - I’m OK with that. However, I tried the handwritten font on iPad (Petaluma) and didn’t like it. I didn’t find a way to change the font from Petaluma to Bravura (the non-handwritten font provided). I checked a forum posting which said to edit the score on a Mac/PC which apparently allows for changing the font – then re-import it to Dorico. I’m installing Dorico SE just to do this but it seems inefficient. I sometimes, even in my PC environment, decide that handwritten isn’t clear enough and choose to change the note font mid-stream. Or sometimes I start in the non-handwritten font and decide later I want to switch. On the PC this is fine and supported. It doesn’t seem natively available in Dorico iPad (yet).

  2. Clefs. Often I will start writing a piano part with grand staff - but often I will choose to delete the bass clef and handle a chart only in treble. This is for creating a more lead-sheet kind of reference part for the piano where I can fit more on the screen (more staves). However, this is a “depends” thing. I didn’t see a way to delete a staff. I could turn the bass clef into treble. However, I couldn’t see a place to delete a staff.

This is transferred from a support question as the support staff has recommended leveraging the forum since support does not (yet?) have iPad devices and therefore cannot provide support for Dorico for iPad.

Removing staves isn’t possible on the iPad. Instead, if you change your mind about how many staves you want, you can change the instrument to a different one that usually only has one staff.

It is also the case that at present there’s no way to change the music font in an existing project in the iPad version. We’ll certainly think about whether this is something we could add in a future update.

Also, is there a way to install fonts on iPad? I’m not familiar with a way, unless apps can do it while installing?

Hmmm. Perhaps bring back the font/da* mover :open_mouth:

*only a few of us left who remember what this was.

There is, but they don’t seem currently accessible by the Qt framework, which Dorico uses.

Apple recently allowed third-party ‘configuration profiles’ to install fonts, which to my mind is a potential security vulnerability. “Here’s my radical fontz. Just download this OS configuration profile and authorise it!”

No, fonts on System 6 were not a good thing. Spare me the days of missing screen font sizes and mismatched printer fonts!

Aww come on. That was all part of the fun. That and loading up a startup extension that was too big for the ram load and bring the whole thing crashing down.

Other have mentioned “side loading” fonts. And perhaps others have had fonts loaded by other applications which Dorico have used. iPad issues - #71 by bwosburn

Although currently one cannot add to the list of fonts - presumably one could “overwrite” the default font such as Bravura with a replacement Bravura that Dorico for iPad will use. Not sure if the meta-data (.json) would ever be a part of the “overwritten” font - meaning if you use a replacement font - I’m not sure a replacement associated .json will be used. However, presumably I suppose one could take any font and force the situation that others have seen, although purposefully this time, where a desired font replaces the default. If, like me, you do not like Petaluma - then you could take a shot at “replacing” that one.

That said - my request/vote is not as ambitious as the ability to load custom fonts. I would be satisfied at the moment with the ability to switch between the two available Dorico for iPad fonts. I am pleased to see this has been registered by Daniel’s feedback.