Dorico iPad, Key Command end voice, start voice

Is it possible to add a key commands for end voice and start voice? I can’t find it.

You can, it’s just called “Remove Rests”, under the Edit menu (as that’s the end result of using those two properties).

Hi Lillie, This is interesting. In my noodlings about, End voice has a different effect than Remove rests. See attached.
-Bar 4 click on last 8th high hat, open properties panel, End voice.
It worked for me just now but before I started this post, the end voice slider kept jumping back and refused to set. I closed the score (renamed in my files folder) and now it works.

Turn off ends voice
-Bar 5 and 6 select rests above the bar, use the remove rests command
Now if I go back to bar 3 last note, the ends voice command is not on
So once you’ve removed rests how do you get them back? Other than undo…

-Bar 7 select the crash on beat 1.
-Properties panel, try to select ends voice, it won’t let me do it
-Select the rest on beat 2, ends voice works but now I’m left with the quarter rest, which of course I can remove

-Bar 9 select the last 8th note in the high hat
-Properties>ends voice now it works
So a bar rest stops the end rest command (as in bars 3 & 4)?

-Bar 14 recreate bar 7 from scratch, crash on beat one and 4 Sl. 1 (slash no stem)
-now select the crash
-Properties>Ends voice

After all of this I go back to bar 3 last 8th high hat and try properties>ends voice and it won’t work, it keeps jumping back.

Can’t replicate on this score but I have an the situation in another where if I hide the rests or perhaps it was ends voice, all the bar after would become empty and contract to a series of barline. I will send an example when I run across that again.

All this is an effort on my part to figure out a workflow of when to use ends voice (and why it works some times and not others) and when to use remove rests. In a longer chart it seems that ends voice is more efficient as it removes a whole swath of unwanted rests above many bars of with slashes with stems. Remove rest seems more targeted and if you go down that road, you have to do a lot of selecting.

And btw, it crashes often when I’m working on drum set staves, can’t pin point any specific action, seems a bit random.

Boom Boom Boom V2.dorico (490.7 KB)

Removing rests has thus far worked differently for percussion kit staves than for ‘standard’ staves, in that you haven’t been able to remove rests from percussion kits.

The two (remove rests, vs starts/ends voice) are essentially the same - the difference being that Remove Rests works on a selected region, but that region could in fact be the whole flow, if you wanted.

Bars squish up when you remove bar rests from them because without anything inside the bar to use for spacing, Dorico can’t ‘hold’ the width, so the width collapses. If you don’t want to see bar rests in empty bars, there’s an option for that.

Thanks! Yes, I am aware removing rests is new. I was a fiddly work around to compensate, looking forward to it being included in ‘Big Dorico.’ I understand about the bars collapsing but I don’t see how that is a good thing in any situation. I would imagine, it will lead to some confusion with most users. I still can’t figure out what I’m doing in the cases where ‘ends voice’ resists turning on. I’m sure it’s some sort of pilot error.

I have found that if the first rest after the note, where I try to select “end voice” has had “force position and duration” turned on - even if it is turned off again - I can’t turn “end voice” on. If I delete the rest it’s immediately replaced by a new rest and then I can turn on “end voice”. Looks like a bug to me.

Ah interesting, I will try that.

Ends voice / Starts voice work on implicit rests between notes in a voice. Rests with Force duration active are explicit rests, and you could in a sense think of them as functioning like a note in the voice.

Deleting explicit rests removes the override, turning them back into implicit rests.

Yes, but if you turn off Force Duration they should become implicit rests again, should they not?

Philosophically - possibly, but that’s not how it works currently. To turn an explicit rest into an implicit rest, you must follow the instructions linked (basically, delete them). The developers (well, Daniel) read everything on the forum so you can trust this will be seen and considered.

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