Dorico iPad locks up when changing bar insertion point

When I go to the bars and measures menu and try to change the insertion point of the add bars tool from end of flow to anything else from the drop down, the app completely freezes, and the only way to fix it is to close the app and re-open it. iPad OS16.6, Dorico 5.0.20

For what it’s worth, there was another function that was responding this way that I ran into recently, but I can’t recall. I will comment if I encounter it again.
For now, I’m open to workarounds for how to insert measures mid-line. Currently, this is a big block to me finishing this project I’m working on.

Welcome to the forum, @maurissad. I’m sorry you’re encountering this problem. Are you using the Apple Pencil to open this menu, or are you using your finger? If you find that the app appears to freeze, try using the three dots in the centre of the top of the screen to start the gesture to activate split view; you don’t need to complete the gesture. Just starting and immediately stopping should be enoough to make Dorico responsive again.