Dorico iPad update dream

well that was odd, could’ve sworn I read a pinned post announcing V2 iPad, went to the App store, couldn’t find, came back here, post gone.

Anyway no doubt there’s something left to sort. I was a little disappointed not to see read and write to cloud services in the updates list, maybe soon? This for an essentially cloud based device really would help streamline workflow on the move.

I find that strange, as well. I saw the announcement here, went to the app store and updated to iPad v. 2 and experimented with it for awhile, At a certain point I was unable to close a file and I started getting error messages. I quit the application and when I restarted it, it acted as though I was just getting started and didn’t recognise that I had a subscription. Tried to log in to Steinberg but was unsuccessful. I wonder what’s going on.

There’s nothing going on! The iPad release announcement is here:

It’s a pinned post, so once you’ve read it, it becomes unpinned for you and will drift down the list of threads as newer threads arrive.

@Dr_Scardo, I refer you to the blog post, which talks about our plans for iCloud and “open in place” in a future update. We have a small development team, and we’ve been working not only on Dorico for iPad but also Dorico 4, so features for the iPad version have to battle it out in terms of priority with features for the desktop version. We don’t have two separate sets of developers working on these as different products.

Thanks @dspreadbury
Ah OK, the thing that confused me was going to the app store and finding no update, just version 1.2. The button just said Open. It’s only when you click on the Dorico icon to “read more” that I got an update button.

And of course I understand the enormous workload of the small team - wasn’t being pushy - just hopeful!

For what it’s worth, I went to the App Store, found Dorico with its Update button (no sign of an Open button), and downloaded the new version. All went without a hiccup.

iOS 15.3

Apple do always say that it can take a while for updates to appear in the App Store everywhere around the world, though in my experience it’s generally pretty quick.

I’ve installed mine in France some minutes after you made the announcement, no problem at all. Congrats on this nice version. Top team, as ever.

I’m sorry but I’m still having problems here. After ‘force quitting’ Dorico (as I described above), whenever I start it up it treats me as a new user without a subscription. If I try signing in to Steinberg to register ‘for additional benefits’, it just sits there grinding away. I tried deleting the app altogether and I did get the notification to retain my subscription. I downloaded it again, but it keeps behaving the same way. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Try skipping the sign in step, then on the next screen where it invites you to subscribe, tap Restore Purchase – this is tied to your Apple ID and not your Steinberg ID, so you don’t need to be signed in to restore your purchase.

Thank you, Daniel. That worked. The previous screen was a bit misleading. All working as expected now.

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