Dorico iPad v1.2

Fantastic update! So happy about kinetic scroll, makes a big difference in usability.

And a nice surprise with the bluetooth addition - wonderful! I did a test with the CME keyboard, added it to preferences, it found it just fine and put it in the list. Then I changed apps and turned off the keyboard. Coming back into Dorico the CME is not in the list. Turn it on, and it doesn’t show up, and I have to go through the routine again.

Ideally this would be add it to the list and it’s then ‘permanent’, and if Dorico see’s it as available it auto-reconnects. Is this possible? I’d think it would be since that’s essentially what you do when you select the keyboard to connect. Might have to have a thread though that just sits in the background looking, or I’d hope Apple gives you a callback.

If not, and this is the intended use case, could it instead be moved to be always visible on the Play top bar, or perhaps under the Eye menu? The trouble with these BT devices is having to always keep reconnecting.

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On the scrolling, the edge snap when it gets close doesn’t feel right, too jarring and makes me keep wondering what happened and losing my place. Opinions? I think no snapping to edge, just a hard stop at the edge would be better.

So far as I know it’s not possible for Dorico to automatically reconnect to Bluetooth MIDI devices it’s seen before, but I’ll check with my colleague Andrew next week.

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Yeah I was thinking that since no apps I know of do it. Anyhow some way of helping automate it would be appreciated. For example - remember the device, then on the Eye menu, Play bar or something have a “Reconnect” button, which reconnects (if available) anything that’s on the list. That way we can set up the devices once, then quickly hit a single reconnect button to get it back.