Dorico ipad version icloud drive locations

I would like to have a foldeer structure on my icloud drive (or the ipad itself) so that I can categorise my scores - but can’t figure out if this is possible or how to do it.

But more puzzling is that on the main open Dorico screen there are tabs called “Recent Projects; On My iPad; icloud Drive”
I cannot see any projects at all if I select icloud drive - or anything at all. Even if I copy and paste Dorico projects on my ipad to icloud drive.

If icloud drive can’t be used by Dorico then why would that tab exist on the GUI?

I must be missing something. Does anyone have any clues?

Do you have set Preferences>General>Saving Project>Default project location to “iCloud Drive”?

This will create a Dorico folder in your icloud drive.

Dorico doesn’t really support subfolders inside the Dorico folder in your iCloud Drive: it will find folders that are located there, and it will list files found within those folders in the Hub when you have chosen iCloud Drive there, but the files themselves will not appear in subfolders in the Hub.

If you want to see the files organised into folders, you can use the Files app on your iPad, and open the projects in Dorico for iPad from there.

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Any chance this could change? With many sub-folders, the iCloud Drive button isn’t much use really, so it might be even better to get rid of it until it’s possible to show sub-folders.

I don’t think that’s a correct assessment at all. Use the Files app to open your projects if using subfolders is critical to your workflow.