(Dorico iPad)Will Apple Pencil/tap to add notes be added as an optional feature

my name is Keaton I’m a musician/teacher in Nashville and have been using basically everything under the sun to scribe my music since high school 9 years ago.

Backstory(you can skip if you want)
I started with muse score in Hisghschool and it taught me the basics. At university I was taught how to use finale, I used that for a few years, and then during orchestration class we actually got a hands on introduction to Dorico from some of the creators. which I loved and have used ever since when writing out my music. These are all great except I’ve always found handwriting music was faster and easier compared to entering it digitally, there is a need for professional presentation and cleanliness reasons though so I still maintain a level of ability inputting digitally. So I am a guitarist first, I started teaching around 8 months ago and was looking for a way to create sheet music for my students in real time with cleanliness. I started using Sibelius(I know that’s a bad word please don’t ban my account lol) which has allowed me to enter with the apple pencil and it’s basically as quick as handwriting at times. However their product has now failed to recognize my subscription and tends to crash. So I am looking for alternatives, I am going to try and learn this version of dorico this month but I have a few questions/requests.

Feature Request/questions-
I understand from other posts it would be cumbersome to have finger and pencil as default for note inputs.

1.Will use of Apple Pencil/finger input direct to staff be coming as an optional feature to dorico on iPad any time soon?

2.is there an easier way to make changes to chord diagrams for guitar? Or have custom chord diagrams without needing an iPad keyboard for shortcuts?
I figured out the settings to show them up top, I like that because it makes students memorize the chord shapes and doesn’t take up space all across the page. But I can’t for the life of me find out how to alter them, and there doesn’t seem to be iPad specific instructions on the website(that is unless I need a keyboard to use shortcuts).

Thank you for any help, again I really like dorico on desktop and for when I have the time to do composition digitally. these requests/questions come from my needs as an instructor with limited 1 on 1 time, so being able to write quickly and easily, and have something neat for a student during private lessons is my ultimate goal.

Ps. The guitar fretboard feature is such a cool and unique way to input notes and I think it is an awesome addition, handwriting is still faster but I like the idea a lot.


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Welcome to the forum @keatonsclassroom!

I can’t see it coming at least until the next major update (Dorico 6, I guess?) but you never know…

No, I don’t think that it is possible purely with the Apple Pencil.

With practice you will find the opposite is thoroughly true.…

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To enter a string of four sixteenth notes, I press 4 and then one button for each pitch (either on QWERTY or MIDI keyboard). On the ipad, you could use the virtual keyboard to tap the pitches.

To handwrite it, I’d have to fill-in a black circle for each notehead, and draw two sets of lines over the beamed group, or two flags on each one separately.

Can you really do that faster than tapping four buttons?

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Why not be able to input notes with the mouse? Nowadays many people use the iPad as a substitute for the computer and have Magick Keyboards. Now I write with the keyboard but if I could use the mouse like in the computer version everything would be faster. It would be much better than with the apple pencil too. I hope the developers are thinking about it. Dorico would receive great credit for it.