Dorico ipad works natively with M1 chip?

I would like to know if the version that is available of dorico ipad works natively with the M1 chips of the iPad Pro, as is well known in the desktop version at least for the moment works with Rosetta 2, but in ipad there are also two types of chips so my doubt.

All iPads use Apple silicon. Rosetta translation is to make Intel-native software run on Apple silicon. Apple has never made an iPad or an iPhone with an Intel processor. Rosetta translation is thus irrelevant.


There are not two types. The new pro is being marketed as having an identical chip (not truly identical, but close) to the desktop machines, but even the M1 is an advancement of previous iPad chips. It’s all Apple silicon, at any rate, as Leo says.

Also, the dev team has already said that the next version of “big dorico” will be fully native on macs. (It runs swimmingly through Rosetta at any rate.). But as it stands now, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: dorico for iPad is already running natively on the Apple silicon on the iPads and it is essentially fully functioning (ie the parity between dorico for iPad and the desktop version is pretty remarkable).