Dorico is giving me overlapping articulations?

Hi guys,
I’m putting together some expression maps. It looks like Dorico is confused and trying to decide between two articulations at once, and often playing the wrong one. I’ll attach a screenshot of the overlapping articulations in the GUI.

In practice, I’ll insert a playing technique on a note —and the GUI will update the Expression lane, which tell me that Dorico knows what I’m trying to do— but it will play back the wrong articulation.

Am I doing something wrong here?

You may need to adjust the mutual exclusion groups in your expression map so that Dorico knows which playback techniques cannot be used together. For example, “pizz.” and “arco” are mutually exclusive, so when you have “pizz.” going on and you then write “arco”, Dorico removes the pizzicato playback technique at the same time it adds the bowed playback technique (technically of course in this case it reverts to the “natural” playback technique). But Dorico cannot know this automatically, so you should check the mutual exclusion groups in your expression map to make sure everything is as it should be.

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