Dorico is like a difficult girlfriend.

You love her, but she can be extremely frustrating, just when you are ready to dump her for good, she rewards you lovingly again and you give her yet another chance… :laughing:

I’ve always said the key to a healthy relationship is understanding your spouse. Sometimes we bring our preconceptions and assumptions into a relationship. “She surely wants to do this, because that’s what I would do…” :wink:

Have you tried her older sister? Or that American lady?

Dorico is one of the most straightforward and approachable of the professional creative apps I’ve ever used.

I’m dead

This girlfriend (let’s call her Dorica) is certainly more intelligent than the others.

I wonder how long we can keep this simile going before it breaks down…

Spent 2 hours (!) trying to write the playing details of just one triller, Bach´s music, Sibelius (I own it since over 10 years), would have taken me 5 minutes…but Dorico either refuses to change the value of a note, a rest, restart…and back to square one…still not right…
So far I have been able to solve all the problems…need a lot of patience (and love), difficult girlfriends are just challenging.

Lots of couples wait for counseling until it’s a royal mess. The forum is here… don’t let the frustration build up. :wink:

Even if you think it’s a beginner question, you’ll certainly get an answer, or a link to the answer (or both).

Seriously considering making this my signature here :laughing:

Brilliant advice!

Perhaps let’s not anthropomorphise a notation software… and maybe not ascribe a specific gender to it. We wouldn’t want users whose go-to imagined partner is not a “girlfriend” to struggle to engage with your otherwise interesting analogies.

Last time I looked at a history book, the actual Mr Dorico was definitely male, but I suppose his first name Valerio might be close enough to Valerie to confuse some people.

I actually dumped “Sibelia”, for “Dorica” (I´m a mean old man), cause I use a big 4 K monitor, and a 4 K laptop, both are not handled properly by the old Sibelius architecture (horrible).
Definitely staying with “Dorica”, she´s cuter, smarter and sexier, (although sometimes quite mean to me)…

Indeed, Lillie. You were speaking for me

I’m personally finding this gendered personification of a notation software somewhat strange and unnecessary. Please can we move on.