Dorico is suddenly very slow and playback no longer works


I have been using Dorico for a large ensemble project. As recently as two days ago, playback was working fine. After working on the project for a while, I would notice that input would be slower, but this seemed to be resolve by quitting and relaunching Dorico.

Today, when I first open the project, input is fine. When I try playback, however, nothing happens—no sounds and the playback bar does not advance. After I click the stop button, input becomes very slow, taking several seconds to simply select a note.

Does anyone have suggestions?


Try going to Edit > Device Setup and in there change to a different sample rate, wait a few seconds and switch back to the previous. Close the dialog and try playback again.

If it still does not work, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That creates a zip file on your desktop. Please attach here.

Would be also good if we could get hands on the project. If you don’t want to post it here publicly, you could send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Confidentiality fully guaranteed.

Resetting the sampling rate worked. Thanks!