Dorico is the only software not seeing my midi keyboards - why? [SOLVED]

New to Dorico using a dedicated Audio PC running Cubase and numerouse audio software VST’s and standalones. My studio has three keyboards - a Motif XF7; KK S49 and an ancient Esynth. I have numerous other midi controllers. Every piece of software picks up the keyboards (I’m a 30 year cubase veteran) but Dorico does not. It sees all the midi ports that cubase uses, and will even play notes from my Steinberg PD pad controller. Even though it is using the Motif XF7 for audio playback it won’t see the keyboard. It will only see the S49 if I switch it on and off after I have opened up a project, the esynth, connected by a usb midiport it won’t recognise. All show up in Windows 10 Device manager, and, as I say, are seen by Cubase or any standalone instrument I care to run. Why not Dorico? It’s very frustrating. The is no green activity light when using the keyboards, but there is from all the separate midi controllers. The keyboards do not show up in the preferences section although lots of other midi ports do.
The manual just says midi keyboards are recognised automatically and doesn’t really offer any other guidance. Can anyone help?

Try this:

That did the trick - thank you so much for your quick response. Wish I hadn’t wasted a couple of hours trying to diagnose a non-existant midi fault :-}