Dorico is unable to show the plural name of a instrument?


I see in Dorico, “Edit Instrument Names dialog” let you define what the singular name and plural name are. However, Dorico only uses singular name in all cases. For example, if I add a violin section, it only shows violin instead of violins. I cannot change or define if the staff has more than one players except fill the plural name in the place for singular name. I suspect it is a kind of bug, but let me know if I missed anything.


to me it does seem logical:
a section (in your case the violin section) is in singular, two sections would be plural?
If you prefer a section to show up with something different you would have to edit the singular.

Yes, it is true that as yet Dorico does not use the plural name that can be specified in the Edit Instrument Name dialog, but we do expect to use it in the future.

OK, Thanks.