Dorico is Very Intuitive

I’ve been working on a full orchestral score and it’s the first large project I’ve used Dorico on. I am finding it to be very intuitive and the workflow just seems so easy. When I bump into a problem looking it up in the manual or here on the forum usually solves it, unless I get the language wrong in my search. “Edit” “delete” “erase” and other terms that are similar don’t always have the best results. So the indexing of the manual could maybe be a bit more intuitive but the program itself I am finding to be very close to effortless. I was a long-time Finale user and I think I’ll be staying with Dorico. Thanks Steinberg & Co.


That’s lovely to hear, thank you for sharing your experiences @reberclark! Particularly the feedback on potential improvements for the manual. Do you have any particular examples (even just one or two) of things you wanted to do/achieve but struggled to find the relevant bit of information, and the searches you did when looking? You’ve already helpfully mentioned some but if you have an even more specific example that would really help me identify exactly how best to improve things. “Edit” can be a very broad and all-encompassing term unfortunately.

One thing that can help searches on the webhelp is if you put exact phrases inside quotation marks, like “repeat barlines” (with the quotation marks).

I will try to recall what the snags were. They were mainly word equivalents that I had to hit exactly to get to the help I needed. I tried many things including the quotations. I would eventually get to what I needed but searching the internet in general was faster than the manual. “Change” “Edit” “Replace” “Delete” “Alter” are some that come to mind immediately. Without being actually in the project any more it is tough to recall anything more exact. As I remember them I’ll pass them along.