Dorico jumps to first page

Every time when I select something and open the bottom panel for editing, the program shows me the first page of the score. The same thing happens when I press ctrl+alt+0 in any page of the score. The score is new, but notes from xml (I started it in Sibelius, but then created new project in Dorico and inserted notes from xml). There are no such problems in other projects…

Welcome to the forum, Igor. You will sometimes see this behaviour when using the “fit page height” zoom level, depending on the exact window geometry and the specific page dimensions of your project. When you open the lower zone, you are changing the available height for the project to be displayed in, and thus Dorico has to recalculate the zoom level. It tries to keep the same pages in view when it does this, but sometimes it goes wrong.

If you use a fixed percentage zoom size rather than one of the “fit…” sizes, you can avoid this problem. Try increasing the zoom level by e.g. 1% in the Custom Zoom dialog (shortcut Alt+Z).

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Thanks a lot for the answer. Of course, this is inconvenient, because when I scroll through the pages, they are not aligned in width and I can see only half of the some pages. This is done much better in Sibelius.